Considering coming of New Year’s Eve, it appeared to us necessary to share with our clients a few recommendations regarding typical security issues from this time of the year.

In Rio de Janeiro, as well as in many other cities across the country where there are agglomerations to celebrate this date, whether on the beach or in public parties, the New Year’s Eve has always presented a significant increase in crimes against property, mainly, mass robberies, thefts, and robberies by fake beach sellers. This occurs due to an influx of tourists, increasing the local attractiveness for criminals.

Considering the current security situation and the season trends, we urge your Company members to:

  • Avoid unnecessary exposure of valuables/expensive items, including walk and talk on the phone
  • Upon arriving at the event location, try to identify services: police units, restrooms, first aid units
  • Prefer to divide your money into two separate pockets, including a hidden one if possible, or use an anti-theft money belt
  • Prefer to pay with your card. The payment must be done in front of you and the values must always be checked. The salesperson or waiter must not leave with your card
  • Take with you only the necessary. Maintain your original passport and documents in a safe place and carry copies
  • In case of harassment, very common during festivities with the consumption of substances, do not pay attention and move away calmly. If the aggressor insists on following you, look for your group and local authorities
  • Do not get into arguments
  • Be always attentive to your surroundings, never allow children to move away from you
  • If you find yourself in a mass robbery, be quick: try to remain calm, grab the kids and move with the crowd trying to reach a Municipal Guard or a Military Police patrol nearby. Let your belongings in the sand. The most important is yours and your relatives’ safety
  • Try to imitate the local Brazilians’ clothing and habits. Dress in white for New Year’s Eve (especially if you go to a local beach to watch the fireworks)
  • Due to the current polarized political scenario, avoid indicating any political affiliation. In Brazil, wearing green and yellow or red clothes can suggest that
  • Be always with your friends and, for the case of someone getting lost, have a pre-determined meeting point
  • Near the most popular spots with firework shows during the New Year’s festivities, traffic usually becomes problematic, with interdictions of important streets. Subway and buses have different working hours and fees. For these reasons it is necessary to plan the journey in advance
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