From 1 January 2023, Jair Bolsonaro will no longer have the so-called privileged jurisdiction after more than 30 years in politics. Therefore, Bolsonaro will have a series of investigations in which he is involved moving on to lower courts. The event may have impacts on the political and social stability of the country, as any threats to his liberty or political rights may spark a strong response from his political base in the Congress and on the streets.

Older Lawsuits

The Bolsonaro had been denounced in 2003 by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) for the crime of inciting rape when he said, in the plenary of the Deputies Chamber, that he “would never rape” deputy Maria do Rosário because she “is very ugly, not my type”. The criminal action was filed in May 2017. But in 2019, with Bolsonaro taking office, the action was suspended. With the end of the mandate, therefore, the actions can be processed again and must be sent to the first instance

In the Federal Supreme Court (STF), five inquiries are open against Bolsonaro for acts during his mandate. He is investigated for spreading false news about the vaccine against Covid-19, in addition to the investigation of fake news and digital militias. There is also an accusation of interference in the Federal Police and leakage of confidential data.

At the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), since August 2021, an administrative inquiry has been opened to investigate attacks on the Brazilian electoral system. If he is condemned in this case, Bolsonaro could become ineligible for eight years.

In addition, there is a representation in the TSE against the president for inciting political violence, brought on the occasion of the death of the PT treasurer in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), Marcelo Arruda.

New Lawsuits

The Brasil da Esperança Coalition – of future President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – presented two new electoral investigation actions against President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on the grounds of abuse of political and economic power and misuse of means of communication.

Among the actions that motivated the lawsuits, there are:

  • The president’s statements that would have sought to jeopardize the electoral process
  • The legal actions filled by the PL and the Bolsonaro campaign alleging “fraud” in radio inserts and old models of ballot boxes
  • Anticipation of transfers of Auxilio Brasil and Auxílio Gás during the second round; inclusion of 500,000 families in the Auxílio Brasil in the month of October alone
  • The payment in advance of benefits to truck drivers

More Susceptible to Legal Actions

Critics of the current Federal Government say that Bolsonaro was constantly protected by Attorney General of the Republic Augusto Aras. Thus, now, without the Attorney General’s support, without the power from his political position and without the privileged jurisdiction, for his critics, he would be quite fragile.

In this way, if he or his allies, and especially his sons, are threatened by any legal action, it is believed that there may be a strong response through many protests by his supporters, causing riots in the country and seeking to destabilize the future government. to press it.

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