Members of the First Capital Command (PCC), the most powerful criminal faction from Brazil, carried out research on the addresses in Brasília of the Federal Chamber and Senate presidents, respectively Arthur Lira (PP) and Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD). The intention would be to carry out a mission whose objective has not been discovered. The discovery was recorded in intelligence reports made by São Paulo Public Ministry and the Federal Police (PF) and then disclosed by Folha de SP newspaper.

Plan to Kidnap Former Judge and Senator Sérgio Moro

The findings were the result of another investigation, which found a plan by PCC to kidnap senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil). The plan targeting Moro was dismantled in March 2023, when the PF launched operation Sequaz.

Surveillance and Special Mission

In addition to surveying the location of the official residences of the heads of Congress, the PCC also sent a select group of members of the faction to Brasília with the aim of completing the mission, says the Public Ministry.

Criminals had on their cell phones, which were seized by the PF, aerial photos of the official residences of Lira and Pacheco, with comments about the properties. The investigation reports do not mention exactly what the mission to be carried out would be.

Elite Group

The surveillance work was completed by a restricted cell of the PCC, a type of elite group created for special missions. This elite group searched, among other things, properties on sale in the Península dos Ministros, in Lago Sul, region of Brasília where the residences of the heads of the Legislature are located. For that, the web service Trovit was used.

According to the MP-SP, the group was created to operate only in different situations, which demand a high degree of secrecy and risk. They would normally obey orders issued by leaders of the São Paulo faction who are isolated in federal penitentiaries.

The document also states that the actions carried out by this cell tend to be extremely serious and of great national repercussion, normally linked to attacks against authorities and senior civil servants, not only from the security forces, but also from the Public Ministry and the Executive, Legislative and and Judiciary of the country.

International Connections: Paraguayan People’s Army

The select group of PCC members appeared in 2014, after the faction established an alliance with the Paraguayan guerrilla group called the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP). One of the points established in this alliance was the training of PCC members by the Paraguayan guerrilla group, which included shooting practice, knowledge and use of explosives, tactics and postures suitable for war.


The motivation for planning attacks would be the prohibition of intimate visits in federal prisons – already in place for two years –, where the majority of its leaders are detained.

Source: Folha de SP, CNN, O Globo.

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