02/12/2023 – A man was punched and robbed while he was unconscious on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, in Copacabana, South Zone. A security camera recorded the crime. No one was arrested. The victim remained unconscious until he was rescued.

02/12/2023 – Military police officers arrested three militiamen in Guaratiba, West Zone. According to official information, the officers were in the Cinco Marias community, following a report that an irregular event was taking place in the region. At the beginning of the action, criminals tried to escape, but the car was surrounded and in it were three men with four pistols. When searching the area, officers found a motorcycle, six cell phones and four weapons.

03/12/2023 – A 23-year-old young man died after being stabbed in the center of Pavuna, North Zone. He was on Avenida Sargento de Milícias when a fight broke out. According to witnesses, his mother was involved in an argument with a homeless man in Praça Copérnico. When he tried to intervene, he was stabbed several times.

04/12/2023 – A man was arrested after robbing a woman in Praia da Barra da Tijuca, West Zone. On a bicycle, the man saw the victim walking on the sidewalk with her cell phone in her hand. He approached her and punched her shoulder to try to get the object. At the same time, police officers from the Capital Homicide Police Station saw the crime and arrested the criminal.

04/12/2023 – Five men were shot dead during a shooting in the Covanca community, in the Tanque neighborhood, in Jacarepaguá, West Zone. One of the men was a motorcycle courier who had just dropped off a passenger at the entrance to the community. Four other men were shot in a confrontation with military police. Three rifles, a grenade, a radio communicator, and drugs were seized.

04/12/2023 – The Federal Police (PF) arrested two women with almost half a million reais in cash at the Novo Rio Bus Station, in the Port Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The passengers were going to São Paulo and carried the money in two backpacks. The approach, carried out by federal police officers from the Drug Enforcement Office (DRE), occurred after routine inspection of passenger luggage, with the aim of repressing interstate drug trafficking.

04/12/2023 – A man was killed in Realengo, West Zone, according to his family, by a childhood friend after an argument over football. Vasco fan Jefferson de Assis Silva, 29 years old, was cut in the neck with a broken bottle. Jefferson’s relatives say that, on Sunday (03/12), he and a friend, a Flamengo fan, argued and exchanged provocations. The next day, the friend set up an ambush. He waited for Jefferson to leave the church and followed.

04/12/2023 – A woman and her 4-year-old daughter were victims of robbers on Rua Ângelo Agostini, in Tijuca, North Zone. The two robbers approached the victim’s car at 22:43. They point their guns at the driver and enter the car on the passenger side. The criminals took the car, the victim’s cell phone, the wedding ring, a diamond ring, and the bag with wallet and documents.

06/12/2023 – Amid a series of cases of violence in Copacabana, South Zone of Rio, a candy seller was attacked after being mistaken for a thief. Matheus Almeida was working and arrived to sell candy at a neighborhood restaurant, when he was surprised by the establishment’s waiter, who punched him.

06/12/2023 – Argentine citizen Florencia Aranguren, 31, was found dead on the trail to Praia José Gonçalves, in Búzios, in the Lagos Region. She was stabbed and beaten to death on Estrada de José Gonçalves at around 8:30 in the morning. She took walks with her dog every day around the region.

07/12/2023 – The family of the little boy Gui, 9 years old, suffered a robbery outside the São Januário Stadium. According to the boy’s mother, the criminals took cell phones, watches, a wedding ring and even pointed the revolver at them, who were inside the vehicle, returning home. Known for being a great football lover, the boy Gui went viral on the web after waking up from a coma and hugging his mother.

07/12/2023 – A resident of Grajaú, North Zone, was robbed twice on the same day. In the second episode, he was returning from the police station, where he recorded the 1st robbery, and was the victim of the 2nd crime. The crime happened at 4:20 on Rua Mearim. Two criminals on a motorcycle approached a taxi with the driver and passenger. While one criminal gets off the motorcycle and heads towards the taxi driver, the second criminal searches the passenger. As he does not find any valuables with the victim, he joins his partner on the motorcycle, who stole the taxi driver’s cell phone, and the pair then escape.

07/12/2023 – A man was beaten in Flamengo, South Zone. Witnesses told the police that he tried to commit a robbery using a fake pistol. Military police officers found him at around 1:10, with signs of bottle injuries and other injuries on Avenida Oswaldo Cruz.

07/12/2023 – A man was arrested by police officers from the BOPE hostage rescue unit in the Morro Dona Dalva community, in Itanhangá, West Zone. He is accused of having kept his wife and 3-month-old son in private prison at home. After the rescue, the victim told police that she was threatened with a knife.

08/12/2023 – A gang made up of men and women, Brazilians, and foreigners, carried out scams using dating apps with the intention of stealing crypto assets from victims. The Public Ministry of Rio carried out an operation to execute arrest and search warrants against the group that started conversations with potential victims through dating apps, arranged dates, drugged the victims, and took their cell phones to make immediate transfers of crypto actives.

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