On 13 October of this year, two Italian tourists were shot inside a car by criminals when they mistakenly entered Complexo da Maré, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) North Zone. This is just one of hundreds of cases of people from outside Rio, and even from the city, that get lost, because the driver entered by mistake a gang-controlled area often due to driver being misled by his GPS system.

October’s incident happened when a group of five Italian tourists was returning to São Paulo (SP), after a party at Marina da Glória in Rio de Janeiro South Zone. In Brasil Ave., they took the wrong path and went to Favela da Maré, where they ended up being shot.

Incidents like the one described above are common mostly at night, due to additional difficulties for drivers imposed by the low visibility conditions. However, in fact, they can occur at any moment considering the size of Rio and its intricate streets network. On top of that, there is an enormous number of gang-controlled areas which are many times located in the middle of rich, upper-middle- and middle-class neighborhoods and near tourist attractions without many obvious indications – especially for foreigners – of the incoming danger.

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