On Wednesday (17/08), Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes stated that the 7 September parades were suspended by the Eastern Military Command. The parades, which happen every year, were initially planned to take place, as usual, in Avenida Presidente Vargas, downtown Rio.

New Format in Copacabana

However, now, according to the Mayor, the Army will promote a small ceremony, which will take place on a stretch of Avenida Atlântica, Copacabana, close to Forte de Copacabana. There will be no bleachers or parade. Presentations by the Navy and Air Force at sea and in the air space should take place, without any kind of interference on the runways of Avenida Atlântica. Paes also explained that he should meet with the authorities to better define the details of the acts in Rio de Janeiro.

Risk of Attacks

Less than a month before the demonstrations scheduled for 7 September, interlocutors from the Army and members of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) have sought to minimize the risks of riots and attacks on the security of people and institutions this holiday.

Noisy Political Demonstrations

Technicians and authorities responsible for monitoring, both among the military and in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), informed media sources that they expect noisy political demonstrations, aligned with Bolsonaro’s criticisms against the electoral system, the electronic voting machines, the judiciary, and its judges. However, neither a catastrophic scenario nor generalized violence is expected.

In Brasília

Despite the “low risk” reading, in the country’s capital, fears about the 7 September and its consequences have already made the Federal Supreme Court (STF) push the inauguration ceremony of the court’s new president, Rosa Weber, to the following week.

The STF fears that the anti-democratic acts and demonstrations in support of a coup and against the court, which have already happened in the area where the ministries are located – Esplanda dos Ministérios –, on 7 September of last year, will repeat themselves, only with more protesters. In 2021, trucks blocked traffic and even honked in the vicinity of the courthouse, threatening to invade the lane that gives access to the STF.

Chances of Bigger Demonstrations

Due to the proximity of the electoral period, experts expect even more supporters of President Bolsonaro in the capital and other areas across Brazil, where protests will happen. For the political commentators, the date will serve for Bolsonaro to demonstrate that he has popular support in his criticisms against electronic voting machines.

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