Cases of rape and theft in the state of São Paulo reached higher levels in July than those observed in the same month of 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic. Crime data was released by the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP), and also showed an increase in intentional homicides. One of the statistics that increased the most in the period was that of rapes, from 850 cases in July 2019 to 1,071 this year (an increase of 26%). Of this current number, according to the SSP-SP, 627 were rapes of vulnerable people. In the capital of São Paulo, rape cases increased at a slower pace, 14%, from 190 to 217 (150 of them vulnerable). In relation to thefts (when it does not involve violence against the victim), the state had an increase of 11.38% compared to before the pandemic, going from 43,402 to 48,341. In the capital, the increase was even greater, 15.5% (from 17,946 to 20,732). The state of São Paulo recorded 139,000 robberies between January and July this year, an average of one per minute. The data was released by the São Paulo Public Security Department. This represents a 9% increase in comparison with the same period last year (2021).

A research, based on data obtained through the Access to Information Law, showed that in the first three months of this year, 714 robberies and thefts from condominiums were recorded in the State of São Paulo. Compared to the same period last year, there was an increase of 2.3%.

25/08/2022 – A man accused of raping two children was found dead inside a bag in Itaquera, East Zone. His wife told the Civil Police that her husband had gone out to buy cigarettes and never came back. The police’s main hypothesis is that the crime is related to the rape accusations.

26/08/2022 – A businessman chased and shot a criminal while filling up his vehicle at a gas station in the Campo Belo neighborhood, South Zone. The robber approached and demanded the businessman’s watch. However, the businessman, who has a sports shooter permission, showed the gun that was in the car, the suspect was scared and tried to run. A civil police officer, who was in a car, noticed the action and saw the criminal fleeing. He intervened, shot the suspect in the foot, who fell and was immobilized by the officer. The businessman then approached the suspect and shot the man in the shoulder.

27/08/2022 – A criminal tried to steal a cell phone from inside the car of an off-duty police officer, who reacted and shot in the old Cracolândia, in the Repúblia neighborhood, central region of São Paulo.

27/08/2022 – An off-duty police officer prevented a robbery of a pizza delivery man in the Cidade Dutra neighborhood, South Zone. The officer was passing directly in front of the house where the man was when he was approached by the robbers. Both criminals were shot. One of them died.

29/08/2022 – A group of seven students was robbed inside the Tatuapé station, on the subway line 3-Red, around 19:00. The victims were already on the boarding platform when three armed people approached the group and stole everyone’s cell phones. The trio forced the group to get on the train and warned them not to get off at the next station, because according to them, there would be a person waiting for them, in case they wanted to notify security. Despite the threat, the students got off at the Carrão station and alerted security.

29/08/2022 – A 16-year-old teenager had his cell phone stolen on the platform at Conceição station, on Line 1-Blue, South Zone. Three criminals, one of them with a gun, committed the crime around 15:00. The criminals took the cell phone and ordered the victim to board the train. The victim got off at São Judas station and called security. Station staff saw through security cameras that the criminals had already fled.

30/08/2022 – A thief pretended to be a resident and broke into a condominium in Perdizes, West Zone. Alone, she stole more than R$700,000 in jewelry and money from an apartment, whose owners were traveling. The owner of the apartment believes she had privileged information about the place.

Our analysis:

Home protection is a very sensitive topic. After all, it is the place where people should feel at ease. Below a few tips regarding home security.

  • Keep all gates and doors locked even when you are at home
  • If you are going to travel, tell only people you trust
  • Leave the key with a trusted friend to water the plants and collect the mail if you are away for many days. So, the house remains as if it had someone
  • If you live in a building, ask administrators for security measures
  • Do not leave jewelry, money and other valuables in your home. Put it in the bank or in a safe
  • Don’t talk to strangers (or close to them) about your address, routine habits, and belongings

30/08/2022 – A Cameroonian businessman was kidnapped after setting up a meeting with a woman he met on a dating app in Guaianazes, East Zone. Upon arriving at the scene, four suspects, three of them armed, announced the robbery. In captivity, the victim was forced to make several bank transfers.

30/08/2022 – A barber shop in the Itaquera neighborhood, East Zone was invaded and robbed by criminals. The thieves took hair clippers and beard trimmers, special scissors, hair dryers and gel.

31/08/2022 – Two men were arrested and a third fled after breaking into a house and taking a family hostage on Santa Marcelina Street, in Vila Carmosina, Itaquera region, East Zone. The owner of the house said that he was leaving to work with the car, when three men appeared in front of the residence and ordered the victim to enter the house. Two of the suspects entered with the man and forced him to hand over belongings and cash. When the police arrived, they ran upstairs, where they surrendered. The third suspect fled.

31/08/2022 – A gang tried to rob a motorcyclist in Itaquera, East Zone. Security camera footage shows the attack around 20:35 in the Colônia neighborhood. On two motorcycles, the four criminals approached the victim pointing a gun. Before the men managed to steal the motorcycle, a security guard, who belongs to the Kodomo-No-Sono Association, intervened and the criminals fled.

01/09/2022 – Two military police officers assaulted and injured a street vendor with clubs to the head in front of the Grajaú Terminal, South Zone. According to the Military Police (PM) the officers were patrolling the region to curb irregular street commerce. According to the victim, she was working at her stall, where she sells churros, in front of the terminal when the police appeared photographing the street vendors and their snack carts.

02/09/2022 – Three bodies were found tied up and wrapped in sheets, at the intersection between João Batista Silveira and Orestes Barbosa Streets, in the Jardim Silveira neighborhood, South Zone. According to information from the Military Police, two bodies were left by a Palio and a white Fiat Uno. The third was found on Rua do Mar Paulista, in the Pedreira neighborhood, about 2.5 kilometers away from the first address. The Department of Homicide and Protection of Persons was called and is investigating the case.

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